About Us

Our team can support you for any particular, or all stages of product development, right from Ideation to Proof of Concept to Prototype to Production and beyond. with substantial corporate experience, Team CQT is well acquainted with lean processes that help build quality product within strict timelines.

We Think

Every idea is an opportunity. We believe in simplicity and design excellence because it is quite possible to have technology which is functionally delighting, yet aesthetically impressive. Delivering faster gives an edge to our clients over other competitors. The lesser the time to market, the higher the chances of building the brand and making profits. the joy on faces of our clients gives us the ultimate satisfaction and keeps us going.

Trust Us. Here's Why.

We, at CQT value ethics and your interests very strongly. We can proudly say that we have a lot of repeat customers; yet we hold that achievement in the highest regard. We can understand how valuable your ideas are. It is our duty to protect your confidentiality and Intellectual Property. We comply with all necessary documentation including NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement) to make your feel secured.